Bon Accord Care is a Carer Positive Engaged Employer


Bon Accord Care has been accredited as a Carer Positive Engaged Employer, Scotland.

The award, operated by Carers Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government, was given in recognition of our commitment to responding to the needs of carers by putting a strong foundation of support in place to help our employees balance their work and caring responsibilities.  

As well as providing care to the vulnerable people we support, we recognise that many of our employees meet the description of ‘Unpaid Carer’ and look after family members, friends or neighbours who are affected by disability, physical or mental ill-health, frailty or substance misuse, away from work; and we strive to ensure they feel valued and supported and can continue working, whilst attending to their caring commitments.

Alexis Chappell, Managing Director said – “Bon Accord Care are delighted to have achieved this award. Many of our employees act as Carers and this award demonstrates our commitment to ensuring all of our workforce feel valued and supported”. 

Carers Scotland said: “We are delighted to recognise Bon Accord Care as a Carer Positive Engaged Employer. They have demonstrated real commitment to supporting their staff who are carers and are continuing to develop policies and practices which will improve on the strong foundation of support already in place.  This is of course a particularly challenging time for carers and having good support at work is more important now than ever, enabling staff to continue the vital service they provide while caring for loved ones at home.  So, a big congratulations to Bon Accord Care for joining the growing number of Carer Positive employers in Scotland”

Bon Accord Care will now work towards achieving established status, building on our commitment to embedding a culture of support for carers within the organisation.

Previous accreditations include Healthy Working Lives (Gold Award), Investors in People and Young People and being a Mindful Employer. These accreditations help us maintain the necessary standard of support, and also in line with the expectations of the national awarding bodies. 


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