Coronavirus (COVID-19): Our Response


At Bon Accord Care, we care deeply about our employees, the people we support and their families, our communities, and their health, safety and wellbeing remain our top priority.

We are focused on ensuring the right information and resources are available; closely following the recommendations of Health Protection Scotland, National and Scottish Government guidelines, in collaboration with our key partners.  

Whilst this is an evolving and challenging situation that changes day-to-day, we are taking the appropriate steps and continue to actively monitor the impact COVID-19 may have on the people and the communities we support.

How we are helping to support those who use our services

We are providing support, guidance, information and reassurance to the people we support through regular website updates, briefings and through our teams.

Guidance on how to look after yourself, during this challenging time, is available.

We are also coordinating the kind offers of help from volunteers and other companies to assist, where possible. For example, drivers to either transport essential supplies or staff to their place of work, going shopping or collecting medication and other errands, phone support to chat with those that have become socially isolated or for daily welfare checks.

If you would prefer further information or would like to contact us, please email


Service updates

18th of June 2020 - Following Scotland’s First Minister’s update on the 18th of June, and as we ease into phase two of lockdown, there is no update on reintroducing visiting to our care homes or when this is likely to happen.

Please be assured we are undertaking the necessary assessments and processes to prepare for when restrictions are lifted, in line with government guidance, and when the announcement is made.

We understand how difficult it is to be separated from loved ones, and thank you for your patience and support during this time. We look forward to welcoming you back as soon as it is safe to do so.


Bon Accord Care is an integral part of delivering health and social care in Aberdeen and we are working closely with Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership and Aberdeen City Council to provide a response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Our focus is on delivering critical services to ensure the people we support are kept safe and well.

The services that are affected while we focus on delivering critical services at this time are:

  • Kingswood Court and Craigton Road Day Centres have been temporarily closed, recognising the additional risk to and vulnerability of people we support in our day services.
  • We have stopped all visits to our Care Homes, recognising the additional risk to and vulnerability of people we support within our Care Homes.
  • All Blue Badge, Occupational Therapy Clinics appointments and drop in visits at Hillyland’s Independent Living Centre have been postponed.
  • All non-critical Occupational Therapy visits and assessments have been postponed.
  • All non-essential equipment deliveries have been postponed.

Sheltered Housing and Very Sheltered Housing

In partnership with Aberdeen City Council’s Housing Team and Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership, there has been additional measures put in place to manage the spread of the outbreak including:

  • Common Rooms – all common rooms are closed, and any activities that normally take place in buildings have ceased.
  • Dining rooms – complexes that have dining rooms where lunch is served for tenants have closed.  Arrangements are being made to deliver these meals to tenant’s properties where required and information will be available on accessing community meals 
  • Visitors – following similar advice Health Protection Scotland have issued to care homes, we are advising that tenants not invite unnecessary visitors into the complex until further notice.  
  • Social Distancing is being advised to reduce the social interaction between people and help reduce the transmission of Coronavirus. 
  • Housing Support - there will be a reduction in staff present within complexes as partners continue to deal with the outbreak. However, residents can still access assistance through the community alarm function within properties.   
  • Repairs – Only emergency repairs will be undertaken within communal areas and tenant’s properties.

We will be updating our website regularly with changes to our services and guidance and we thank you for your patience, understanding and support during this unprecedented time.

How we are helping our team of people

A very special thanks goes to our team of people for their continued commitment, compassion, innovation and extraordinary efforts at this challenging time to provide support to those in our care.

In the coming weeks and months, it will be our great team of people that will allow us to meet the challenges presented by the coronavirus outbreak.

We closely monitor the advice of Health Protection Scotland, National and Scottish Governments to regularly issue updates on the situation to all our staff, and are committed to supporting them, ensuring their health, safety and wellbeing is of upmost importance.

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