Day Centre Magic

Lockdown has been difficult for us all in a variety of ways.  One lady recently got in touch to tell us about her experience which we felt was too nice not to share…

She was the sole carer for her husband throughout the pandemic and he found life particularly difficult during this time.   He became reserved, temperamental, and almost a different person. 

In her opinion, the first thing that improved his whole frame of mind was being able to socialise again and so she wanted to reach out and praise our day centre and highlight just how important these facilities are to our community.

She explained that her husband had spent the day there and had come home that evening telling her that she was redundant.  It seems he had enjoyed himself very much and felt his new gang at the day centre could help look after him now.  The lady was beaming as he had not been like this with her in quite some time.

The gentleman was able to tell her everything that he did, that he was out for a walk and spent hours discussing various topics including football nostalgia.  On his return that night she noticed he was more alert, paying attention to the tv and chatting more.   Their daughter came round after supper and noticed how attentive he was and commented on how more relaxed she was due to his behaviour change.

That night he didn’t need the diazepam which he has always had to take.  The lady even felt like her blood pressure was down as she considered this the ‘tree effect’, where not only did her husband have a good day, but it branched out to herself and her family.

She reiterated that day centres are essential in communities and could not thank the staff enough for all they did for him. 


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