Developing our Young Workforce


Our young workforce has been working hard throughout this pandemicconsistently maintaining professionalism to ensure that positive outcomes have been achieved for service users.  They have attended staff forums for young people and had the opportunity to talk to our managing director, sharing their views on future career paths and how Bon Accord Care can support them with their development.   

Our monthly development sessions have been held on WhatsApp where they are given a week to think about 3 questions before they are then discussed in a group.  It is a safe space for them to be comfortable with their peer group and build confidence.  Through these sessions we’ve discussed what they find inspirational and have identified specific goals for where everyone would like to be in a years' time and where they would like to be in 5 years' time.  We have discussed how feeling inspired at work is important and how the role of a mentor is crucial to their ongoing professional development.   

One of our young ambassadors has been identified as a great mentor and is currently working with a young person who has been volunteering.  The ambassador has had a key role in developing a 6-week plan for the young person and will be leading this placement by showing her skills as a young mentor and supporting confidence building and resilience.  

Our young editorial team have worked hard to produce the quarterly newsletter and are now working on the third issue.  They welcome involvement from all young people under 26 and recognise this as a great opportunity for young people to get involved and be creative.   

Through discussion with young people and empowering them to speak out about what matters to them, our young workforce will be valued as future leaders and we will continue to identify opportunities for building their confidence and developing their skills. 

Please contact our young workforce lead, Carol Massey on 07776045796 or email if you would like to discuss any of our young people initiatives.


*the image used was taken before covid-19 restrictions were in place. 

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