Hilton Walking Group

As we all reconfigure and reset following  the recent lockdown, a small group from Stewart Park Court sheltered housing complex in Central Hub have been making huge strides. To address their own recovery from the lockdown they have got together in an informal walking group which has them moving more and keeping active.

Service supervisor, Claire Pucci initially became aware of Phyllis going for walks in June 2020, following a period of shielding.  Claire noticed Karen would often watching Phyllis going for a walk but felt she may have lacked the confidence to join her. Claire approached Phyllis, who was more than happy for Karen to become involved and they started to meet at the front door regularly.  Claire and the support workers in the area have been pivotal in encouraging the group to become established and remain so.

The ladies involved all live in the building, some for over 17 years, and had a common need to reduce social isolation, promote physical activity , maintain friendships and feel better about themselves . Phyllis, Karen and now Gladys have all improved their physical and mental health and have increased their exercise tolerance. They try and walk daily, sometimes more than once and vary their route as they are able. Each lady has health conditions which impact their ability; however, this has not stopped them from pushing themselves and achieving well deserved goals.

Prior to walking they all admitted to social isolation, being fed up, lacking motivation and, like many of us, gaining weight!

Walking has increased the muscle strength and made them more able than before. They all agree this is something they want to continue going forward due to the many positive benefits they have experienced.

Is this something we could suggest to other residents?

Thanks to Nicola Broadbent for providing this heartwarming story.


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