Telecare Users

Do you have Community Alarm or Telecare?

If you are a Community Alarm Telecare user, you may have heard about the changes that are taking place with the switchover where your telephone line will switch from analogue to digital (fibre)

If your telephone line is upgraded to digital (fibre) this means your existing community alarm may not work on every occasion you use it.

If this might affect you or a loved one, we have some information that will help clarify things.

  • If you have a community alarm telecare system, wait till you have a switch over date before contacting the service to arrange a visit so they can ensure everything works the way it should and replace your existing alarm.
  • Your digital (fibre) phone line will have an electric router. If there is a power cut, your router will not work, and therefore a possibility your community alarm will not work. Some telephone providers supply  a back up battery for routers, so it is best to have a chat with your own provider about this.


There are also new fire regulations coming into force in February 2022.  If you have a telecare smoke, heat or carbon monoxide detector, please do not confuse what they are for, with what is required for the new regulations.   Do not remove your Telecare smoke, heat or carbon monoxide sensors.  More information is here.

You will receive a letter about the changes, but you can also download it here.

There are also new fire regulations regarding smoke alarms. Again, if you are having changes made with a hard wired smoke or heat alarm, please read the following information.

New Fire Regs

Here are some frequently asked questions about the difference between interlinked fire and heat alarms and Telecare fire and heat alarms.

Fire Regs FAQs



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