Community Support

Residential care

Our fully trained support team provides a safe and nurturing environment where our residents can learn and develop their tenancy sustainment skills as well as raise their self-esteem and confidence in their own abilities. Individual preferences and needs are always a priority, with privacy and dignity respected. 24 / 7 care is provided and is responsive to needs at any given time.

Our residents also enjoy the companionship and opportunity to socialise, taking part in organised activities, or outings where available. Family and friends are encouraged to get involved in the daily and social life of the home.

In Fergus House, Dyce and Balnagask, Torry accommodation is provided in:

  • Single rooms with en-suite toilet and washing facilities
  • TV points and private phone points
  • Personal belongings are welcome
  • Call system in each room
  • Regular home cooked meals, with special diets catered for and nutritional needs met
  • Daily activities
  • Registration available with local GP, including weekly visits
  • Chiropodist, Dentist, DN will visit, if required
  • Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy referrals, if required
  • Hairdresser
  • On-site laundry
  • Monthly resident’s meeting

Balnagask House Shared Care is also available, which is split between our home and a carer to give the opportunity for individuals to remain at home. This provides valuable time away for the carer, for either short or longer planned breaks throughout the year.

Very Sheltered Housing

Very Sheltered Housing is designed for people who may generally be older or may require extra support than tenants of sheltered housing. The accommodation is similar, as they are self-contained flats, but with additional facilities and a dedicated Manager. Our team provides the care and support needed to live independently in a smaller and easier to manage home, with the option of daily meals at a fee.

All tenancy and housing matters are managed through Aberdeen City Council so please contact: should you have any issues in relation to this.

The facilities at Denmore Court - Bridge of Don, Coronation Court – Peterculter and Kingswood Court – Mastrick include:

  • 24 Hour support
  • Home cooked meals
  • Activities
  • Tenants association

At Craigielea Gardens, we deliver the care support which has the same facilities. However, Castlehill Housing Association is the landlord and manages tenancies.

Day care

Adult day care is a planned program of activities designed to promote well-being though social and health-related services. The benefits are two-fold:

  • To provide older adults an opportunity to get out of the house and receive both mental and social stimulation
  • To give caregivers a much-needed break in which to attend to personal needs, or simply rest and relax

Short or long term care is provided at:

Kingswood Court Day Centre, located within Kingswood Very Sheltered Housing Complex in Mastrick

  • The team specialise in supporting those with dementia
  • Available Monday to Friday
  • Transport to and from is at cost to service user
  • Lunch can be provided at cost to service user
  • Daily activities 


The team provides intermediate care to adults aged over 18 years who require a period of assessment and enablement following a hospital admission or a crisis in the community, and remains one of the few services that can support people under 65 years old with complex social care needs.

The aim is to encourage and support you to learn or re-learn skills necessary for daily living, and help you to discover what you are capable of doing for yourself. This can give you the confidence needed for when you return home. Common goals include:

  • Personal care: being able to dress yourself and showering
  • Cooking and preparing your own meals. This can be from heating a microwave meal to preparing a meal from scratch
  • Transfers: being able to get on / off your chair, bed or toilet.
  • Domestic tasks: cleaning your home and doing your laundry
  • Social activities: how to get back to previous activities that you did.
  • Mobility: to regain some independence with your mobility with or without aids.
  • Medication: being able to take your medication as independently as possible.

At the end of an agreed period, your ability to manage daily living tasks will be reviewed. If this assessment identifies the need for longer term support, appropriate steps can be taken to meet those needs.

Referrals can be made by either Care Managers or by hospital staff. If you are in hospital, a member of staff from Clashieknowe will pay you a courtesy visit and will provide you with an information pack detailing items you will require to have with you for your stay here.

Kingswells Care Home – Model and Admission Criteria


Bon Accord Care is developing a dementia specific service within Kingswells Care Home.  The philosophy of care is to achieve better quality of life and outcomes for older people with a diagnosis of Dementia.  We will do this by valuing those who stay with us as individuals, with skills, talents and life experience to share.  We will develop a team of mixed disciplines to work in partnership with residents and families using a proactive and enabling approach to support wellbeing.

We will work in partnership with external health and social care professionals to provide a service that helps prevent unnecessary hospital admission and create a homely setting for people who are no longer able to live within their own homes.    

It is important to us that Kingswells is a home for life and although we have developed the criteria for admission below, the home will provide support through to and including end of life.  This may mean that residents can move within the home to different areas ensuring they are in the right place to promote their wellbeing.

Admission Criteria

Dementia Specific Support

  • This level of support will involve a staffing ratio of 4 residents to 1 staff member and would be defined by the criteria below.
  • Older person (over 65), consideration will be given to people under 65 on a case by case basis providing they meet all other criteria.
  • A diagnosis of dementia or other organic brain disease / disorder.
  • A resident of Aberdeen City
  • Has been identified by the funding panel as requiring support at a “nursing” level.
  • In the case of discharge from an acute setting the person must be medically fit
  • May experience some stress and distress behaviours such as verbal aggression, sexual disinhibition, night-time disturbance, disorientation and at high risk of harm if they were to leave the service unattended. 

The Team

At Kingswells we are developing a new model as an alternative to the traditional “Nursing Home” in that we will have a mix of different disciplines.  Below we have given an outline of the roles in addition to the usual Management and admin functions who will be working alongside our residents and their families.


We will have 2 nurses within our service that cover over a 12hr / 7-day period.  The nursing team will  focus on the physical health and enablement of residents and support with proactive strategies to reduce the levels of stress and distress to promote mental wellbeing.

OT & OT Assistants

The OT team will work with the support staff to support enablement, functional adaptations and meaningful activity to promote occupation and reduce stress and distress.

Support Team

Led by our Service Supervisors our team will be trained to the Enhanced Level in line with the Dementia Promoting Excellence Framework.  They will have a focus on high quality person centred and relationship-based care that promotes the skills and rights of residents.

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