Alan Regaining his Independence

Alan suffered a brain injury and was in a coma for 5 and a half weeks. He and his family were told that he would never be able to live independently and may have trouble speaking. Despite a remarkable recovery, cognitive impairments means Alan has to live a very routine life. He lived with his brother for a number of years following the accident but other options were assessed as to the best way to let him live independently and get his routines established. His brother says, “Alan’s major issue is that he is very task driven through the routines and what his brain doesn’t see is the timings. Once one task is completed, he doesn’t know to move to task 2. Part of the planning was working out the routines and how Alan would be able to cope without family calling every half hour or every hour.”

Telecare equipment was recommended, although hadn’t heard it being previously used for a case like this. Following an in-depth meeting with Bon Accord care, Telecare Service a prompting system was worked out to get Alan up, remind him which day it is, assist with timings of his day and generally fill in the bits of the routine that aren’t up on his wall planner.

It has worked very well and means Alan now enjoys living independently in his own home, and attending various social activities, which would otherwise not have been possible without reliance upon his family.

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I can’t praise the staff enough for all the hard work they do to help people like myself get back on their feet and become independent. Their encouragement has meant that I am now doing things I never thought I would be able to do again.
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