Who we are

Bon Accord Care is at the forefront of the continuing development of services to enable independence and reduce hospital admissions, as well as promote active ageing and well-being. Working together with our key partners, we are aligned with the Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership to deliver services in the local communities of north, central, west and south. 

We are learning all the time to seek ways to improve and develop new services, ensuring that these reflect the needs of our local communities. These services are designed to reduce future dependence on statutory services, aimed at prevention and early intervention. As a Local Authority Trading Company, we are the first of our kind in Scotland and operate within a contractual framework to deliver services on behalf of Aberdeen City Council, the only shareholder. We are a values led company, which aligns a public sector ethos with a private sector discipline, with a strong social conscience. Comprising of two companies, Bon Accord Care Ltd and Bon Accord Support Services Ltd, we started trading on August 1st 2013.

Our mission and vision

"Working together for your five star service".

Our vision is to create positive everyday experiences for the people we support; helping them to reach their full potential and lead independent lives, where their aspirations and desired outcomes unite.

Core values

Our values are our founding principles and continue to define us and all that we do:

   We listen and respond to our customers.

   We always give our best.

   We work effectively and efficiently.

We respect the dignity & diversity of everyone, & always uphold their rights.

   We take pride in everything we do.

   We create and lead on change.

Our people

We have a fully trained, flexible and passionate team that share the same values, are committed to making a difference and place service users at the heart of everything we do. Our current team of more than 900 people deliver our services on a daily basis and respond quickly to ensure that support is in place as and when needed.

Our Board of Directors

Internal governance is through our board, which meets eight times per year, and consists of the Chairman, Managing Director, Finance Director and three Non-Executive Directors. 

  • Andrew Newall, Chairman

    Andrew Newall, Chairman

    I have been a Non-Executive Director with Bon Accord Care since its inception in 2013. It gave me great pleasure to be appointed to the role of Chairman in September 2019.  My corporate career spans 34 years during which time I have held a number of senior executive roles in large FTSE 100 organisations and a large private equity organisation.  I have considerable international experience and specialisms in business transformation, merger and acquisition and talent development. I am known as someone who can build highly effective teams and as someone who operates to high standards and applies leading edge practices.  All of this sits nicely with the vision for Bon Accord Care.

    In 2017 I took the decision to step back from full-time corporate life and establish my own portfolio business. In addition to my Non-Executive work, I have created a property portfolio renovating and renting holiday cottages in the Hebrides, an Executive Coaching business with clients both sides of the Atlantic and more recently a music career where I work with and record talented musicians.

    When I am not doing this, my most pleasurable time is when I am spending time with my grandchildren.     

  • Gail Woodcock, Interim Managing Director

    Gail Woodcock, Interim Managing Director

    I am passionate about improving health and wellbeing and was delighted when I was appointed to lead Bon Accord Care as Interim Managing Director.

    I have experience of successfully leading change, transformation and the delivery of quality citizen focussed services, across a wide range of sectors over 27 years, including health and social care, culture, sport, childcare, and community learning and development. All with a common purpose of creating the conditions for people to improve outcomes for individual and collective benefit.

    It is a real privilege to be part of Bon Accord Care, this would be the case at any time, but especially at the current time, with all the challenges that Covid-19 brings to all of our lives. I am proud of the work that our staff do every hour of every day, and always with the wellbeing of the people we support at the heart of everything that we do.

  • Tim Gardiner, Finance Director

    Tim Gardiner, Interim Finance Director

    I was attracted to work with Bon Accord Care through having previously worked as Head of Finance for two organisations that were local authority owned. In each case there were substantial opportunities to make a real difference that benefited the employees and stakeholders; this in turn produced a better return for shareholders.

    The key challenge was to invoke private sector practices into a public sector background while engaging with staff in the process and without breaching statutory guidelines. For me most companies have substantial similarities; they all have human resource issues and they are required to account for their activities. Get those two parts of the business running well and life becomes a lot more relaxed.

  • Alex Mckay, Non-Executive Director

    Alex Mckay, Non-Executive Director

    Most of my forty year oilfield career has been spent overseas in various senior management and commercial roles within multinational companies. Now that I live full time in Aberdeen, I want to put my commercial skills and professional experience to good use locally. My background will be useful in helping the company address the challenges of delivering the best care possible whilst observing the financial constraints involved.

    I was drawn to becoming a board member with Bon Accord Care as the company shares my own business and social values. I believe that the provision of social care, particularly for the elderly, is something we should all value and respect. Putting the needs of staff and service users at the centre of every decision is key to achieving the best possible outcomes. I have also come to understand that in a progressive business the only constant is change and without it we cannot drive improvement or innovation.  

    I am delighted to be able to assist such an innovative and value driven company in its role as a Local Authority Trading Company delivering services to the people of Aberdeen.

  • Heather Gray, Non-Executive Director

    Heather Gray, Non-Executive Director

    Bon Accord Care is at the heart of designing and delivering high quality social care services in Aberdeen. I became a Board Member because I believe in the potential that innovative social care approaches play in changing and improving lives. Bon Accord is making that difference everyday in Aberdeen with an ambition to do more.

    I have led services in the sector for 20 years and believe really passionately in partnership working that has the people we deliver services to and their families at the centre. It is vital that we find solutions for the future which are designed to meet the needs of the current and future population of Aberdeen.  As an Occupational Therapist, I can see the huge potential of a strong innovative OT provision in helping people maintain independence by delivering proactive support. As a sector leader myself, I see the importance of thinking out of the box and valuing our staff.  I'm proud to be part of an organisation that is leading the way, values its staff and importantly has the people it supports at the centre of everything it does.

    It is important that Bon Accord Care works with others to support some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. Bon Accord has demonstrated how this approach changes lives. As a Board Member, I am committed to leading our services through a further period of evolution to deliver the best quality approaches and solutions with others.

  • Operational Directors

    Operational Directors

    Our senior management team has the perfect blend of practical social care experience and business growth success to lead the way for change.

    They are motivated by the quest to maximise services’ potential through empowering staff, engaging effectively with service users, allowing flexibility in the delivery of services and encouraging the development of new and innovative approaches. They are committed to delivering service, quality and value to service users and our shareholders.

    Alison Wills - Operations Director – South & West

    Nicola Dinnie - Operations Director – Kingswells & Rosewell

    Daniel Whiting - Operations Director - North and Central Locality


"We would like to thank you for all that you did for our Mother during her stay at Balnagask House. We always knew she was happy and well cared for during her time there."
Family Member of Service User
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